A New Vision of Motorsports Television
A limited number of beneficial partnerships are available with OversteerTV.

   Being the only show of its kind OversteerTV delivers the enthusiastic, multi-discipline, race fan.  They are not just a NASCAR fan or IndyCar fan but the fan of all versions of the sport.  A fan that is technically savvy and follows various racing series from around the world.
   OversteerTV is on the forefront of new media.  Not only with our Internet Television broadcast but with it’s Internet branding through multiple portals including but not limited to YouTube, social media and internet based smart phones
  OversteerTV also offers event locations that other internet shows don’t provide.  OversteerTV is not streamed from a studio but from actual events. Whether it is our main base at the Homestead-Miami Speedway or other events across the nation, OversteerTV will offer the visual presence that studio based shows can never provide
A partner will benefit from extensive exposure and activation to the automotive community as a whole and to an enthusiastic fan base that is both loyal and dedicated.
  The hosts and crew are dedicated professionals who will not only showcase your product or service but will endorse and personalize it for your audience.
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